Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top and Must-Have Gadgets & Tech Supplies for Students

College is always fun and exciting especially when you have all the necessary gadgets to make your college life simple and efficient. Below we have listed some of the top, interesting and must-have student gadgets.


Netbooks (or mini laptops) are a wonderful low-price alternative for students who really just need a personal computer for the basics.

Portable Hard Drive

Even though you have a Laptop, you still need a Portable Hard Drive. You system can fail or the windows in it can go corrupt damaging your data and all this can happen in the mid of your exam period or before your next presentation or assignment. That’s why you must always have a backup of data which is in on your desktop or laptop. Portable Hard drive is the best solution for data backup.

Amazon Kindle 2011 (with Special Offers, Wi-Fi)

If you love reading books and don’t need a touch screen, then Amazon’s Kindle is for you. It is super affordable and ultraportable convenient reader which you can carry everywhere.


By having an iPad, you can browse internet, check your e-mail, also make your presentation, watch movies, listen music and play games and so on. It’s easy to carry and is more fun than typical laptops.

Apple iPhone 4S

Even though it didn’t get the best reviews, it is a part of iPhone royal family. The phone’s smart voice assistant Siri and its outstanding camera makes it a top choice for anyone.


Perfectly designed for students who want to relax during the break, Netflx-the movie rental service is a must-have for movie-buffs. Rent a movie without leaving your home and watch it on a wide range of devices from tablets to TV.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V

If you are looking for a camera with compact megazoom, you should get the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V.

Single-Serve Coffee Maker by Keurig Mini Plus

The Brewing System promises to brew a "perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in two minutes at the touch of a button. A perfect must-have for college students!

USB Flash Drive-your grade-saving device

A basic, simple and small gadget, but a necessary and crucial one, USB flash drives allow you to easily store and transport your data from one computer to another.

Kno iPad Application

Avoid long lines at the bookstores and save your money by getting digital textbooks on Kno iPad application. It currently offers 70,000 title text books which are around 50% cheaper than their physical counterparts.