Friday, March 16, 2012

Finding the Perfect Study Buddy

So, you are looking for a perfect study buddy? Your best friend can’t be the most suitable study buddy. Finding a suitable study partner is like finding an ideal partner. They have to be serious about studying like you do. They have to share similar study interests like you. In short, they have to be like your better half when it comes to studying. Once you have found the perfect study buddy, it makes your college life easier. You can trust on your buddy for any missed lectures or assignments and there are loads of other benefits too:

Free of Charge Help
Study buddies are free of charge. Admit it, being a student you have to be careful when you are actually paying for something. Having a tutor may seem like an additional expense. If you have a study buddy, you can always take help from them. They are right under your nose- so why waste extra money!

You are the One for me
Paying full attention in class is not always easy. There are always a lot of distractions like doodling, thinking what you’d wear on the night out etc. In every class there are some enthusiastic students who pay full attention to what’s going on in class, make up-to-date notes and are every teacher’s favourite. It’s always a good idea to pair up with such students. They can be definitely the perfect study buddy. Combine notes with them, go out for lunch and discuss the last class test you took, split up some reading, or do some combine-study with them. It will definitely make your college career a lot less stressful. Give it a try and you will love the results.

A Win-Win Situation
Always allow to take constructive criticism from your buddy. There are some skills in which you are good but there are others in which your buddy would be better than you. You can trade strengths and overcome your weaknesses while helping your buddy with his weak areas. Both of you can help each other and both of you can win this way!