Monday, March 26, 2012

So how do you study?

Each of us is different and so are our study ways. If you look online you would find hundreds of articles sharing tips on studying at an optimum level. However, given below are my tried and tested study tips and they really work. As I said all of us are different, these tips just act as a general guideline and if you adapt them as per you own way, you are guaranteed to get success in your exam. So read the following tips and give them a try when you are studying next for the exam. Good luck!

Do not study for more than one hour without a break!
Our brain goes through different stages when we are studying and it is most active during the first hour. If you try to do more studying in one sitting, you will soon get bored and less motivated. So the key is to have regular breaks during studying.

Find somewhere good to study
Find a suitable place where you can study without any distractions. Most people like lying on their bed when they are studying. However this is not a suitable way and it won’t help you much. Find a desk, a sofa and a quiet environment to do your studying.

Find Study Buddies
Most people don’t like studying with any other person; however it is always a good way for study motivation. Go to library with your friends and take help to get some work done. If you are stuck at some place in any subject, asking friends for help can save a lot of your time.

Clear your mind before studying
You cannot concentrate on studying with too much other stuff on your mind. No matter how happy you are, there are always some things that are playing on your mind like your relationship, being dropped from sports team or any other family issues. It is best to clear these things before you start studying. If you want, you can go and see friends and occupy yourself otherwise and when you feel you are ready, start studying with full attention.

Keep yourself well-hydrated and well-fed
This is one of the most important things to look at. Take regular breaks during studying and go for snacks or drinks in the middle.

Rewrite and revise your notes/lecture after the class
If you act on this tip, I guarantee that you will achieve success. Most of us learn something in class, think it is the easiest thing you have ever done and end up spending the night after class with friends or on Facebook. However, if you spend just one hour after lectures each night going over what you have learnt, it can have remarkable effects on your grades. Try it from today and your grades are going to improve for sure!