Wednesday, March 14, 2012

iPhone 5-When is it coming?

Last year in the month of October, after the great media hype when customers were expecting the release of iPhone 5, Apple released iPhone 4S. Apple iPhone 5 release is expected this year in the months of May or June. Popular rumours suggest that Apple is going to release the new model in the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. However it is highly unlikely as Apple launches its own products in its own events.

On the other hand, a recent report that is published in a Japanese blog says that we will have to wait a little longer to meet iPhone 5. According to this report, since Apple launched the 4S model last year in the month of October, it will follow the same tradition and will unveil iPhone 5 in October 2012.

Whenever the new iPhone will be unveiled, one thing is for sure- it will definitely be better than 4S.  iPhone enthusiasts expect that too and they are are eagerly waiting for this release. They haven’t forgotten the disappointment they had to face when the much awaited model wasn’t released last year.

Here is what you can expect from iPhone 5:
  • Unlike the iPhone 4S, the new iPhone will be a completely new design from what has gone before, so that means an entirely new casing as we got in iPhone 3G and iPhone 4.
  • Talking about specs, we'll see a quad-core processor debut in the new iPhone 5 - probably called the Apple A6.
  • Many sites have reported that Steve Jobs was working hard on the iPhone 5 project, which will apparently be a "radical and phenomenal redesign".
  • Well, for that we have to wait for the iPhone 5 release.