Monday, March 19, 2012

How to survive your First Midterms - Get the Advice from the seniors

So your midterms are finally around the corner. Are you prepared? Thinking how you’d survive? We asked some of the senior students and got the following useful tips.

-Start studying early is the key to success. That way you will know what topics you don’t understand fully and you will have time to talk to your professor. Never start studying a night before. That is going to be a disaster and you won’t have time to ask for help.

-While studying early is the key, not to stress too much is another important tip. Complete your studying bit and then relax before and during the exam. The more cool-minded you are during the exam, the better it is.

-Get enough sleep before the exam. There are several examples of students who went for the exam without sleeping enough and then they slept through their midterms. Don’t let this happen to you. One night before the exam you won’t learn much and so it’s better if you get a good night sleep.

-Get organized and make a schedule to budget your time. Divide the available time among subjects and it will help you a lot. If you think there are some tough subjects, allocate more time to them.

-They are your first midterms so definitely you should study more. Make sure that you know much more than you need to. You should know what your teachers look for in the answer sheet. Do they like to see more content or do they like illustrations with each answer. The more you know them, the easier it would be to play their game.