Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Student Body at MUST University publishes e-magazine highlighting Albert Einstein’s revolutionary ideas, insight about his secrets to success and a sneak peek about latest and must-have student gadgets.

March 14th 2012 marks the 133rd anniversary of genius of our century- Sir Albert Einstein. It’s been 133 years since Einstein left this world but his infinite knowledge and revolutionary ideas are still around us, benefiting us in our daily lives. Often termed the father of modern physics, it was in 1905 that Einstein developed the theory of general relativity. He's also renowned for his mass-energy equivalence formula E=mc2. Einstein formulated the general theory of relativity in 1916.

Five years later, he received the Nobel Prize in physics based on his contribution to theoretical physics and for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect. Einstein also delved into the thermal properties of light. His scientific research broke ground for the foundation of the photon theory of light. If we talk about his contributions to science especially physics, they are endless.
Recognizing the contributions of Einstein to modern science especially Physics, MUST University student body has worked on an e-magazine that features a different aspect to Einstein’s spontaneity and trueness to self. The magazine also talks about Einstein’s secret to success plus it also features latest and hottest student gadgets that are in market these days.
We hope you will enjoy reading the insight and it will help you to learn and get an inspiration for your own academic and career success.