Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Facebook Timeline- Good or no Good

Last year, Facebook introduced the much awaited and much talked-about timeline version. It is a new kind of profile that lets you highlight and share your photos, posts and other life events on the social media. Currently, Facebook has given its users the option to either take on the timeline version or stick to the good old version that we and our eyes are used to using.

Over the next few weeks or months, everyone will get the timeline version. When you adapt the timeline version, you have the option to preview what’s there to share. This gives you the option to add or remove whatever you want before anyone else sees it. As you explore your timeline you will find some features really interesting while on the other hand you may not like some of the features. You may see your life stories that you can highlight like your wedding day or graduation day. With features like activity log, you can review all your activities and posts. You will also find news ticker which works more or less same like the news stream.

While few Facebook users found the timeline interesting, most of them have disliked it too. Dozens of Facebook groups have already been set up to protest the changes and demanding to revert to the older version. Sadly, there is no way back!

On Facebook official blog, more than 7000 users have left unhappy comments on the new update. Only 1800 users have actually ‘liked’ the service up till now. As a Facebook user posted:

‘I so want to revert to the old Facebook look and my friends too. I think Facebook should keep both the options open for users.’

This post got 800 likes. And the following one got more than 2000 thumbs up:

‘Old one was better’.