Friday, May 11, 2012

MUST’s Financial Aid – Your Doorway to the Most Affordable Education

MUST University is committed to offer an education that doesn’t cause financial problems for you. It believe in making top quality higher education accessible to all regardless of income, socioeconomic background, or geographic location. Thus, one of the most vital parts of its mission is to keep fee very affordable while providing a variety of financial aid options. MU aims to provide you everything to achieve your academic and career goals and that’s why it finds every possibility for financing your education.

It offers the most reasonable fee structure along with numerous financial aid options including scholarships, grants and tuition reimbursement programs. As soon as you enrol, the financial advisors will assist you on every step of the way in getting the financial support you need to further your education.

Through the following ways, paying for your education is not a burden on your pocket.

1. MUST Scholarship Program: Nearly 90% of students successfully manage to avail this scholarship program. The scholarship is given to a student based on his/her needs or qualifications. The scholarship program is completely managed by the University’s Scholarship Committee and if the student qualifies for the scholarship there is a substantial reduction in tuition fees which can be availed of.

2. Credit Transfer and Prior Learning Credit Transfer: If a student has already done certain courses and does not wish to repeat them, the university will waive off those courses. Also, a student can earn credits by virtue of prior learning from work experiences and trainings too. Both these means will enable a student to complete the degree in a shorter time and pay a reduced fee.

3. Employer Tuition Reimbursement Programs: Many employers around the world offer the benefit of reimbursing educational tuition fees. Some also reimburse the cost of books. If a student is currently employed, he/she can ask the HR department of the company about this educational benefit. If further help is needed for preparation to avail of this benefit, a student can contact the MU consultants anytime on their toll free number.

4. Fee Payment Options: The university offers two different fee payment options that students to further reduce the fee payments. On payment of the complete fee at once, the student can avail of a 14.5% discount. If the student opts to pay in 2 easy instalments, then there is a 7% discount that is available. This maximum flexibility in fee payment only seeks to ensure maximum convenience for MU’s students and their families.

5. Special Discounts for Military Students and their Families: Being a military-friendly University, MUST University provides an exclusive 50% discount for military students and their families.