Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Job Hunting Tips for Veterans

The difficulties and hardships you experience in combat are incomparable. However when the combat is over and you are back home, there are some trials you still have to face as a veteran. The shift from warzone to home can be tough. There are some new challenges to face and new trials to conquer. Once you are back home, the most important thing you want to do is to quickly get hold of a civilian job. Here are few important job hunting tips for veterans to get a good job as quickly as possible.

One of the most difficult things when coming home is to reconnect with friends and family. When you are away for a long time, people move on with their lives, new connections are made and new relations are formed. This may cause trouble in finding a good job through the reference of a friend or a relative. You can overcome this problem by networking. Start using the web social media services like Linkedin.com and facebook to let your family, friends and colleagues know that you are available for employment while reminding them your skill set and educational background.

Create a Marketing Portfolio
You should develop a suitable portfolio consisting of resume and cover letter. It should be able to appeal to a civilian employer. Develop your portfolio keeping in mind the following things:
·         What does your potential employer want?
·         What are the job requirements?
·         What skills, experience, and education are they seeking? 

If you have injuries, discuss them
If possible speak with medical personnel to discuss what jobs you can do and what you cannot do. Make sure you tell your employer of your disability and how it has taught you to never give up in any circumstances.

Tell them about your experience
Prepare for a way to explain your military experience and its value in front of the employer. Focus on the skills which you developed while asking yourself if your employer would care about them or not. Create stories to convey your strengths and the challenges you faced. Tell the employer how you solved problems, faced challenges and how you demonstrated good leadership skills (irrespective of the ranks).

Take help from Job Portals specifically designed for Veterans
Use the web to research organizations, job listings, and other job-related information. Here are some sites that are specifically targeted to veterans:
  • VeteranEmployment.com
  • USA Jobs,gov
  • Military.com
  • MilSpouse.org
  • RecruitMilitary.com

Earn required credentials
Many veterans are upset to find out that they do not qualify for most of the jobs, because they are lacking proper credentials. At this time, going back to a traditional school is difficult for most of the veterans. With military-friendly colleges like MUST, earning an education after coming back from warzone is a lot convenient and quick too. MUST University offers self-paced and flexible mode of education that can fit around your social or work schedule so that you can work on retrieving your daily life while earning an education of value.

MUST University offers the following exclusive services for the active-duty service members and veterans to pursue their education and make progression in their lives. 
  • Discounts – It offers specially discounted tuition fee rate for military personnel and veterans.
  • Prior Credit Acceptance – The university accepts credit for your military experience.
  • Accessibility – You can study from your home, office or any other place. Study online from anywhere with complete ease
  • Programs of your choice – The university offers a wide range of globally accredited degree programs at all levels — from associates through doctorate.
  • Quality, Online Education – With experienced faculty members, course content and delivery methods are not only up to date but also effective and efficient. And all this is completely online- perfectly suitable for anyone!
  • Simple enrolment process – You can tart studying in 48 hours and complete your degree in less than a year.