Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earn an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia and Animation from MUST University

As more and more users turn to internet, the need for multimedia and animation professionals is higher than ever. An online bachelor’s degree in multimedia and animation prepare you for a career in journalism, television, film, advertising and game development.

What you will learn?

A bachelor’s degree in Multimedia and Animation enables you to acquire the latest and most up-to-date knowledge that multimedia-related jobs demand in the market. The courses that are taught during this program include multimedia design, multimedia systems, animation, after effect essentials, web graphics, multimedia communications, advanced multimedia design, advanced multimedia systems, advanced animations and multimedia copywriting. The curriculum for all Multimedia and Animation programs is updated regularly and is designed by academic professionals to prepare you face the challenges of this field.

What you will do?

Multimedia and Animation experts with the required skill set and proper credentials are always in demand by a variety of organizations. Whether you want to pursue a role at a newspaper agency, radio station, video game company or television broadcasting, earning a degree from MUST University will help you in getting there faster. By earning a bachelor’s in multimedia and animation, you qualify to work as:

  •           Graphic Designer
  •           Character Artist
  •           Game Designer
  •           Multimedia Expert

Why join MUST University?

MUST University offers an excellent multimedia and animation major that is self-paced and flexible. In addition, the program is extremely affordable because of a variety of financial aid options available, including scholarships, credit transfers, prior learning credits and employer reimbursement programs.