Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How online classrooms work?

Studying at an online university can be a bit different compared to traditional and conventional universities. But unlike campus based education, an online university offers more opportunities to students in terms of learning, flexibility, convenience and affordability. An online classroom is one of the features that help students learn in a more dynamic environment.

What is a virtual classroom?
A virtual classroom is a portal where a student logs in and attends classes for a specific course. Enrolled students are issued log in ID and password through which they enter the portal and attend various courses they have selected. Most universities generally offer features such as class materials, discussion boards, email, chat, etc.

How is class material accessed? Is it free?
One of the main features of online classrooms is the access to abundance of study material. Books and presentations can be electronically accessed through the virtual classroom by which students can benefit monetarily. Most courses are a mix of traditional textbooks which are supplemented by electronic reading material in PDF or Word format and online presentations.

Working and interacting online
Online students submit their assignments in two ways, by creating a post on the discussion board or by emailing document to their instructor. The most unique feature is how students and instructors interact with one another online. They engage through discussion boards, emails and chats. In some online universities, participation is graded on both quantity and quality of the discussion.

How MUST does it!
At MUST University, we focus on quality education for our students. The online classrooms of MUST are very dynamic and interactive. Students can choose from a variety of online courses and then study them section wise. They have access to interactive sessions, quizzes, mind games, presentations and much more. Students can network with professors via emails, chat sessions or online discussion boards. Moreover, they have access to a reservoir of information which they can use for assignments and quizzes.